Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Simple Need (#1)

Simple Need (Simple Need, #1)Simple Need by Lissa Matthews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good. Lord. This book..... It's super short and super hot. Very hot. VERY VERY HOT. (Am I being clear?)

The story starts out with Elise in a bar, drowning her sorrows. Just that afternoon, she was dumped by her boyfriend via text message. (How classy of him, right?) While she's finishing her last drink, she's approached by Vinter, co-owner of the bar....although she doesn't know this until later. He makes pleasant small-talk with her and listens to her story and buys her another drink. Then he tells her he wants to take care of her (Read: fuck her silly). Elise usually attracts the suit wearing douchebag types - but he has always fantasized about hot sex with a bad boy. Now is her chance to make that fantasy a reality.

Ok - first of all - could the name Vinter be any hotter? That right there is almost enough to make you go down on your knees in front of this man. I mean.....what is hotter than a tatt'ed up bad boy who is really just a sweet, fluffy marshmallow inside? Granted, he's a marshmallow that will go down on you until you pass out and fuck you until you hallucinate, but still. HOT! In fact, everything about Vinter is just about perfect. He's so incredibly sweet to Elise. Probably sweeter than any other guy has ever been. And in just one short night, he helped Elise discover parts of herself that she'd always kept hidden....even from herself.

The only thing I wish was different?  I wish the story was longer.  (But I ALWAYS want the story to be longer when I love it as much as I loved this one!)

One more thing - COCK PIERCINGS.

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