Review Requests

Do I accept review requests?  Absolutely!  One of the main reasons I started this blog was to discover new books and authors and (hopefully) pass them on to other people.  I'm more than happy to accept ARCs from publishers and/or authors.

If you would like for me to read and review your book, just email me the details (such as author name, book title, genre, etc) along with an ARC of said book.  My email address is

See the info below for everything else you need to know about submitting a review request with me!

Review Locations
Right now, I post all of my reviews to this blog as well as to my Goodreads page.  Eventually, I will be posting them all to Amazon as well.

Preferred Genres
You can browse through my blog to see what kinds of books I prefer, but in short - here's what I'm most likely to be interested in:
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Erotica
    • M/M
    • M/M/F
    • M/F/M
    • BDSM
    • Dom/sub
  • or any combination of the genres listed above :)
I don't care if it's a full length novel, a novella, or an anthology.....if it's romance/erotica - I'll give it a shot!  (That being said, I can't promise I will like it.....but I do promise I will read it.)

Preferred Formats
I love my Kindle - so I would prefer e-books.  I can accept these formats:  .azw, .mobi, .pdf.  If your book comes in a format other than what is listed, please email me to discuss.

Guest Author Blogs, Interviews, Etc.
If you are an author or publisher, I am more than happy for you to do a guest blog post or interview on my site.  Please email me to discuss what YOU want to discuss!

Other Stuff About My Reviews....
If you are the author and/or the publisher, please feel free to use my reviews in any way you wish.  All I ask is that you give my site credit.  (A link back to my site would be nice.  *wink, wink*)

To others out there who review books:  please do not copy and paste my reviews to your own site and pass them off as your own.  Granted, the chances are slim that I will ever find out, but really it's just bad manners and even worse karma.  It's never happened to me, but it has happened to other book reviewer friends of mine.  Believe me, there is no quicker way to piss off the book community (bloggers, authors, publishers, etc.) than to steal their words.

If you like my review, leave a comment and let me know.  Hell, post a link to it on your blog.  Just don't copy, paste, and steal.  It's tacky.