Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Charming Lucy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oy vey. This book.

It started out super, smoking hot. Lucy and Kasper, Kas for short. They're having hot monkey sex involving this little turquoise stone he brought back from a trip to Eqypt. Ok. I'll give it that.....kind of hot. Kas leaves later on (he never spends the night) and suddenly Lucy can't find the stone. Hmmmm? Kas didn't take it. So where is it? I guessed it was in her hoo-ha - cause, you know, they were having hot monkey sex with it and all. But apparently when a big ass piece of turquoise is stuffed up your vag, you can't feel it. But whatever.

So - Lucy goes around all day feeling super crazy horny. She goes to meet with the accountant for her business (she is co owner of a club with Kas, the accountant - Tony, and her brother, Luke). Anyway - she's so hot and bothered that she begs Tony to fuck her - even though she thinks he's strictly dicky with the menfolk. Not true, apparently he is bi, but hasn't ever been so attracted to a woman as he is to Lucy. *groan*

So, after Lucy and Tony have hot monkey accountant desk sex, she feels bad - cause, oh, she's dating Kas. Tony is all.....nah, Kas won't care - in fact, he's probably wondering why we haven't done it yet. See....Tony and Kas are a couple too. see where this is going. Tony wants Kas, Lucy wants Kas, Kas wants Lucy and Tony and Lucy thinks she could really go for some Tony from time to time.

And then we're back to the piece of turquoise. Remember that? Yea - so apparently it's this magical rock that is supposed to make the person who carries it all uninhibited. Or something. And the BEST part of this whole thing.....when Lucy finds out that Tony and Kas have been a couple behind her back - she was actually MADDER by the fact that Kas bought her this magic rock to help trick her into being part three of their threesome. (This is the point when I wanted to cunt-punch Lucy....just for being a fucking dumbass.)

I'm giving this story a 4 for writing - despite my disappointment with the storyline, I still like Lissa Matthews' style. I'm giving the story a 1 on topic/plot/character development and the fact that there's a stupid fucking magic piece of turquoise involved. I'm giving the book a 3 for hot sex. That averages up to 2.67 - so I'm rounding UP to 3 stars.

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