Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: Dating Cupid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FIrst off - this book is a total cheeze-fest. OMG. Cheezy, cheezy, cheezy. That being said - it was cute, sweet, and hot when it needed to be.

Roxanne Fortuna is tired of the loser boyfriends that her dating service keeps hooking her up with. The dating service in question is named CDS - Cupid's Dating Service. cheeze The CDS claims to have a 100% success rate - and Roxanne sets out to prove them wrong. She starts a smear campaign against them.....but to her surprise, she can't find anyone else who has a problem with them. Apparently she really is the only failure they've ever had. As a result of her smear campaign, the boss of the company, Maverick Eros, cheese sends Roxanne a letter, threatening a lawsuit if she doesn't stop her attempts to ruin his good name. Upon receiving the letter, she heads over to his office to meet with him - and the sparks fly between both of them, but neither wants to admit it.

After the instant connection they both felt, Roxanne and Maverick each go to their mothers - and demand that the love spell be removed. See.....Roxanne is the non-human daughter of Lady Luck cheeze and Maverick is actually THE Cupid. cheeze Both are Gods - but neither realizes it about the other one. (Apparently Gods look JUST like humans! Even other Gods can't tell!) convenient cheeze

Once they are both told by their families that they are not under a love spell......neither can believe it. Maverick/Cupid was once married to Psyche (HE was under a love spell that eventually got broken when she bore a child that was NOT his) and he has no desire to be in love or married again.

Although both try to deny it, they are in lust with each other. After a chance meeting at a dinner party and some hot hallway sex DURING the party - they realize they do feel something for each other - but good Lord, they both still try to deny it. After this, Maverick decides to do things the right way and ask her to dinner. No sex....just a regular old mortal "get to know each other" dinner. And who woulda guessed....he likes her mind as well as her body. And she feels the same.

That night after their date, he confesses that he is in love with her, and although she feels the same way - she can't bring herself to admit it.....because she fears being hurt.

Of course, you know there is a HEA for these two crazy (non-human) kids. There always is.

Like I said - this book is a total cheeze-fest.....but it's short, and that makes it easier to stomach. If this had been a full length book, I don't think I could have handled it. Only so much cheeze is allowed before you start to get sick, right?

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