Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Pink Buttercream Frosting

Pink Buttercream FrostingPink Buttercream Frosting by Lissa Matthews

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was one of those quirky stories that I didn’t expect to work for me at all. I wasn’t a fan of the title - it was, for lack of a better way to put it, too sugary. I expected it to be a sappy love-fest with touches of erotica. Or something like that. It had it's moments of hotness, no doubt, but our hero leaves much to be desired. And Bailey puts up with his antics for far too long. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, it starts out with Aidn the lawyer spotting Bailey the baker crossing in front of the cafe where he’s having lunch with a friend. Aidn, who apparently hasn’t gotten laid in a while, decides to follow her. He recognizes her from somewhere, but he can’t quite figure out where. He spots her in a beauty and bath store, looking at some scented lotions. He stands outside the store, waiting for her to come out. When she finally does come out, he remembers where he’s seen her before - The Abyss (a BDSM fetish club). See, Aidn is a Dom.

At the club, they had exchanged some smalltalk, but never formal introductions. When Bailey comes out and sees Aidn, she immediately recognizes him from the club. She’s always had a little crush on him, so she welcomes the interaction in front of the bath store....however awkward. They share introductions and agree to have some coffee. Afterwards, as Aidn’s walking Bailey to her car - he asks her to have sex with him. And (not surprisingly) she agrees, although she does explain that she doesn't usually do the sex-on-the-first-date thing.

And of course, they go to her place and have crazy hot monkey sex and then Asshat Aidn leaves while she’s sleeping. And by sleeping, I mean she’s having an orgasm in her sleep and she moans his name and he’s awake to witness it all, freaks out a little, and leaves. *cough*douchebag*cough* Yep. Aidn is a fuck and run. Bailey is disappointed to find him gone when she wakes up, but I imagine she’s thinking....”well, that’s what I get for fucking him two seconds after we officially meet.”

So two weeks goes by and then out of the blue, Aidn shows up at Bailey’s bakery. He locks them in her store, basically tongue-fucks her face, tells her how much he wants her.....and then he walks out on her - AGAIN.

What an asshole. This is the point where Bailey should have given up....but no. She goes to see him at his office and he sends her away - saying that they are better off this way - i.e. not together.

Sometime later, Aidn happens to be at the fetish club and sees Bailey being flogged by a fellow Dom....and he loses his shit! I mean, he freaks the fuck out, grabs Bailey, and drags her out of the club.....all the while he’s making a big scene and telling her how she is his and no one else’s. At this point, I’m banging my head on the wall because I just can’t believe that Bailey is going to let this guy be such a total fucking douche to her.

Anyway - they go back to his place, have some hot monkey sex and (get this) he freaks out AGAIN and was all “I need a shower RIGHT NOW!”. Well, nothing warms a girl’s heart like a guy feeling so dirty after he fucks her that he needs a shower two seconds after pulling out. Bastard.
Aidn’s dickishness and tendency to run away when emotions get high is only evened out by Bailey and her forward, ballsy way about her. She may be a sub, but she’s not a doormat. She follows Aidn into the shower and she basically demands (begs?) to be his sub. They both want each other, that much is obvious, so why fight it? And finally....FINALLY....some of Aidn’s walls begin to come down.

After the shower, Aidn explains why he is a scared little Dom.....and why he runs. He caught his last sub with another man. Although this was something they often did....it was something they did together. Aidn’s sub wasn’t with other men unless he was there - or unless he knew about it. But in this one case....he didn’t know she would be with another man. And to add insult to injury.....she removed her collar. And as Aidn said....”She knew, or rather I thought she knew that the collar was the symbol of that bond. Taking it off broke us, destroyed the trust and the respect we had built together.” At this, Aidn packed up and left - and never thought he would have another sub again. More than that....he never thought he could trust another woman not to break his heart again. After opening up to Bailey, he kisses her goodnight and leaves the room....not intending to sleep with her that night.

Early in the AM, Aidn goes to his kitchen to find Bailey in there.....making (of all things) pink buttercream frosting. (TITLE!) And of course Aidn tastes it by licking it off of her boobs. But despite the sappiness of this scene and the overly obvious need to work the title of the book into the story - this is the scene when Bailey lays it all out on the line. She has a huge set of balls, Bailey does. And like I said earlier, she may be a sub, but she’s not going to just sit back and take it. She demands to know where she stands with Aidn. He answers her by tying her down to the kitchen table, picking up the bowl of frosting, and saying, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to make more later. I’m not going to be able to get enough of it, and I’m not going to be able to get enough of you.”

Despite my issues with Aidn’s extreme dickishness and my desire to smack him on multiple occasions, I actually liked him. It’s one of those cases of a tortured man being scared to give his heart away again for fear it will get broken. Again. With that knowledge, I can almost forgive him for his being an asshat to Bailey for 95% of the story.  Almost.

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