Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Arrested Holiday

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now THIS is the Lissa Matthews that I love.

Holli is traveling from Atlanta to NYC on Christmas day to spend the holidays with her friend Charlotte. Somewhere in BFE Pennsylvania, in the middle of the night, she gets pulled over for speeding. While the officer is checking her license and registration, a red flag pops up and it says she isn't who she says she is. So....the officer arrests her.

Come to find out, the red flag was merely a clerical error - but due to it being Christmas and all....there's no one working who can fix it. So....Officer Hunky (as Holli has started calling him, in her head) is forced to keep her in jail. They talk off and on during her 28 hour stay in the pokey - and both realize that they are pretty attracted to each other.

So - when the call finally comes down that Holli can be released, with conditions, both Holli and Michael (ie, Officer Hunky) are excited. BUT - the conditions are, that she must not leave the city and she has to be under house arrest. So rather than take Holli to a cheap motel room, he takes her to his house.

Next....ok, but I have to explain what happens next? Gah. It is a romance novel, after all. GUESS! I'll give you some hints - hot sex, more super hot sex, and handcuffs.

The story was sweet and hot when it needed to be - and you really got a good feel for who these people were - you had a reason to care about them. I loved how playful they were with each other. It was really sweet to watch their relationship unfold.

And let me just say this.....this man makes her a grilled cheese sandwich with smoked Gouda. I mention this ONLY because smoked Gouda is my favorite cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich. I would have done Officer Hunky then and there. (After I finished my sandwich, of course.)

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