Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Willing Victim

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've said it in my other reviews of Cara McKenna/Meg Maguire books.....I just love her style of writing. It's just so effortless and flawless. The dialogue is so real and lacks any cliche that I've come to expect (in some form or fashion) in my romance novels. I guess I just need to realize that and stop being so surprised by it. :)

The story centers on Laurel and Flynn. Laurel meets Flynn when he breaks up a fight in a park between a random couple. Laurel follows Flynn to thank him for stepping in and offers to buy him lunch. He lets her and throughout lunch, despite Laurel's hints and advances that she might be interested in him, he keeps telling her that he's not her type, etc. She persists and finally he breaks down and says that he'll agree to go on a date with her if she'll meet him at a certain location on Friday night. He tells her if she can handle that, then he'll go on a date with her. Turns out the location is a bar that is also home to an underground fight club. Flynn is one of the star fighters. Laurel is immediately drawn into Flynn's rough world - and as she will soon learn - that world also includes rough sex.

I really thought I was going to have a problem with the type of sex in this book. There were lots of warnings about the content and the rape fantasy scenes, etc. But really, it never got to a point where I found any of it offensive. Maybe it was because underneath all the scruff and gruff - Flynn was actually a super nice guy. He wasn't a misogynistic douche that wants to smack women around in bed. It was all completely consensual and that is made very clear in the book - and even the scenes where Laurel "struggles to get away", it doesn't come across as scary or rapey (I know that's not a word), but it really doesn't. It comes across as two people who know what turns their crank in bed.....and two people that aren't afraid to ask for what they want. That right hot.

As with the other books I've read by this author, the characters have so much depth and you really do fall in love with them and get emotionally invested as they move toward their HEA.

My only complaint? This book wasn't long enough! I wanted more.....

Solid 5 stars. No question.

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