Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: The Reluctant Nude

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This. book. OMG. I don't really even know where to start with it. First of all - I effing loved every second of it. To the point I kept putting it down and walking away because I did not like the idea that I was almost done with it. I just wanted it to go on and on and on and on for infinity. I've read a ton of damn good books this year, and this one is up there in the top three for sure. I want to read it again. Now. And then finish it so I can read it again. I loved it that much.

So, the book features Fallon and Max. Fallon is a somewhat reserved ecologist from New York who travels to Canada to meet with the famous (and famously reclusive) artist Max Emery. He's a sculptor and he has been commissioned to create a statue based on Fallon - for her "fiance". Of course that's just a cover story she worked up because the "fiance" is actually this doucebag land developer that is trying to tear down her childhood home - and they only way he'll give it up to her is if she poses nude for Max, so he can create a life size (and naked) statue of her. (Dickish, right?) Since she has no other means to get her childhood home back, she reluctantly agrees.

Of course, she is immediately uncomfortable with Max and his casual, sexy, artsy Frenchness. But he senses her unease, so he proceeds with caution. At the beginning, it is just a HUGE paycheck for him.

As time goes on - both Fallon and Max begin to have feelings for each other as each of them slowly let their guards down and begin to really know each other. As the story unfolds, the sexual tension and desire jumps off the page. And parts of it were so intense....I just had to put the book down and think about what I had just read.

I don't even want to give any more details of the plot because I just want everyone to read this book. I promise you, you will not regret it.

I would give this book 10 stars if I could.

And finally - my favorite quote from the whole book: "What kind of bread?"

And yes - I realize that makes NO sense out of context. Just go read the damn book.....and you'll get it.

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