Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Carnal Ecstasy (#2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Following the same formula as Ink Spots, which is actually the 3rd book in the series.....but one that I read first (I didn't know!) - this book is basically one hot sex scene after another....with just enough plot and character development thrown in to make you care about the story and the characters.

This one focuses on Dallon and Carrie. They randomly meet at a store when she asks him for directions to the local Christian university where she just began working. She is new in town and was running errands and got turned around. They strike up a very brief conversation and he happens to mention where he worked - and then they each go about their day. Dallon is attracted to her, but doubts he'll ever see her again. He's part owner of a bar in a rough part of town and she's a buttoned up goody girl who works at the God school.

Well, that night, she comes in as the bar is closing and wants a drink. Guessing that's she's never even HAD a drink.....Dallon gives her a beer and proceeds to talk to her, since they're the only folks left that late. She confesses that she quit her job. She explains that it just wasn't was a job that her very Godly father secured for her....and she was tired of not having any say so in her own life and she wasn't her parents and this wasn't what she wanted out of life, etc. Dallon immediately feels a bond with her, because he, too, came from a similar background. Religions parents who just didn't "get" him.

Dallon feels Carrie is too good for him.....Carrie wants Dallon to teach her how to be a naughty girl. So, true to all good smut books - they have crazy hot monkey sex in the bar, on the pool table, everywhere.

Hot as hell. Yes.....totally. But I will admit I had a slight problem with 2 things in this book. And really - it wasn't even what was done with the neck of the beer bottle and the pool stick. (Hint - Dallon uses them as, um, sexual devices in Carrie's hoo-ha.) Now.....for's really a sanitation issue. Did he properly wash those items? I mean, how many gross man hands handled that pool stick? I mean....ewwww. (But I'm sort of a germ phobe....and I'm digressing badly.....)

This was another super quick read with crazy hot yummy sex. Lissa Matthews can write the hot shit, no doubt.

Solid 4.5 stars.

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