Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Because Of You

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was definitely a shorter story that was begging to be a full length novel. The plot and characters were great, although the bad guy in the piece was not a shock at all. I think if the book had been fleshed out into a full length book, the story surrounding the bad guy could have been built up more and it would have been more of a surprise.

So, the story focuses on Jessie, a young widow, who is not convinced that her husband's "accidental" death was an accident. She begins asking questions and doing her own investigating and soon she begins receiving phone calls and threats....she gets mugged.....and her apartment is broken into. To get away from it all, she goes and stays with her gay BFF in a little town about 3 hours away. While on vacay, she meets Caleb at a party. They both have a little too much to drink and Caleb walks her home.....and they have some tipsy hot sex on the kitchen counter.

Even though Jessie feels it's too soon to hop back into another relationship (it's only been 8 months since her husband died), she can't help the attraction she feels to Caleb.

But the vacay ends and Jessie goes home and resumes her investigation into her husband's death. The threats against her continue and she ends up moving to the town where her BFF (and Caleb lives). After a car accidents thrusts her back into Caleb's life....they both come to realize that they can't fight the feelings they have for each other.

Like I said, I would have loved for this short to be a full length novel. I think the characters deserved that. But as it is, it's a great short story (albeit, predictable)....and I completely fell in love with Jessie and Caleb. And while this book didn't have as much of the crazy hot monkey sex that Mari Carr's books usually have....what it did have was enough.

Loved it. Solid 4 stars.

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