Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Wicked Ties (#1)

Wicked Ties (Wicked Lovers, #1)Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HO-LEE-CRAP. This book was smoking hot. Dare I say - the hottest book I have ever read. But I will say this - the story is driven totally on the sexual aspect. Yes - there is a story there.....but it does take a back seat to the crazy, smoking hot sex scenes.

And a warning - this isn't your plain old vanilla sex. This is BDSM, threesomes, anal sex.....that kind of thing. So, if that isn't your cup of tea - I suggest you don't read this book. That being said - while those sorts of thing aren't part of my personal sexual menu - this book does handle it in a way that I could understand (and enjoy).

My feminist nature has always sort of looked at male domination / female submission as something very caveman.....that it was a weakness to give yourself over to someone. But this quote from the book stood out to me the most - and really made me rethink my ideals on the subject:

"You want to submit because you're strong, because when you're f*cking, you don't want responsibility. You want a man who can understand you and give you what you need - all without a word."

To me, that says you have to have incredible strength to put all your trust in someone. It's not the ultimate weakness to submit.....but the ultimate strength. Wow. The whole theme of the book is basically about coming to terms about your deepest desires and how to trust someone completely - someone who knows how to give you each of your desires without judgement.

Honestly, I thought the subject matter would be a turn off.....but I didn't find that to be the case. I found that on top of the insanely hot sex described in the also made me think.

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