Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: The Darkest Secret (#7)

The Darkest Secret (Lords of the Underworld, #7)The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, so I went into this book with some reservations. First of all, the protagonist, Amun, doesn't speak. He signs. He can speak....but because he is the keeper of the demon of secrets, he chooses not to. (Because he reveals secrets, often painful/upsetting/otherwise bad info that he doesn't want to know, much less repeat.)

Well, I was surprised at how effortless and completely UNannoying it was to read Amun's dialogue. All of his parts were in italics - which was either the translation of his signing or his thoughts when mentally communicating with Haidee, who turns out to be his woman.

Haidee - she is a human (well, mostly) and a hunter, as well as one of the people that was directly involved in Baden's death. (Baden being the a Lord that was killed ages ago. He was well loved, and the other Lords have never really gotten past his death.) So anyway....Haidee. Strider kidnaps her and brings her back to the Lord's compound and he kinda has the hots for her, but he also kinda wants to kill her. He knows she has to die - because he's still looking to avenge Baden's death.

Amun is locked up in his room, having just returned from Hell.....fresh full of new demons that are slowly killing him from the inside out. Haidee is locked in the room next door to his. One night, she hears Amun calling to her (mentally) and she claws her way through the wall (ok, well, she finds a door that had been plastered over) and goes to him. She thinks he is her boyfriend Micha - and she begins to comfort him. And for some reason - Amun's demons are scared of Haidee and because of this, his health immediately begins to improve.

And true to all LOTU books - we all know there are hardships and battles and super hot sex.....and things will probably all work out OK in the end. Yep. This is why we love Gena Showalter books. Are they predictable? Yes and no. Chances are - there will ALWAYS be a happy ending. That's the predictable part. The rest - well....that's what I love about GS's books. You just never know how everyone is going to get through it all for their HEA.

I'll admit, the book was a little confusing at first - with Haidee spelling her name two (slightly) different ways - her calling Amun by another name and all that jazz. So, for me, the book started a little slow. But it definitely picked up the pace after a few chapters. I ended up really loving Amun and Haidee as a couple - I found their relationship to be very sweet and (of course) passionate.

Now - I'm anxiously waiting for Strider's story (which is next) and I HOPE there is going to be one for William. I just LOVE him - and with every book, I find myself wanting the books to focus on him more and more.

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