Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Dark Needs at Night's Edge (#5)

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, #5)Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story of Naomi, a ballerina and Conrad Wroth, a vampire who is crazy with mad with bloodlust.

All of the Wroth brothers are vampires - with Conrad being the only one who has gone completely insane with his lust for blood. To help him out of it, the brothers kidnap him and lock him in an abandoned mansion until he can calm down.

But the house isn't completely vacant. Occasionally Conrad hears and sees things, but he figures he's, of course he is going to do that. But then slowly figures out that the house is haunted by it's former owner, Naomi - a ballerina who was murdered by a jealous ex-lover.

In the IAD series - the vampire men rank third on my hotness scale - with the Lykae ranking 1st and the demons ranking 2nd. But I do have a soft spot for Conrad. He's the most tortured of the Wroth brothers and love the development of his love for Naomi and how they come together and heal each other.

And again - SEX = VERY HOT.

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