Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Yuletide Greetings (#3)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good but all too short story from Brynn Paulin.

Zach (brother of Rob, the owner of The Dungeon) is not having a good holiday. He sort of got suckered into being the mall Santa and he isn't happy with the gig. As a cheer-him-up gift, brother Rob tells him he's sending him over a surprise. Not long after, Kate shows up. Kate thinks she's showing up at this guy's house that she's been talking to on one of those sex-hookup websites. But as soon as Zach opens the door, she realizes it's not the guy from the pictures they exchanged. BUT, she goes in anyway and they have some naughty fun and do some inappropriate things with a candy cane and so on and so forth.

Overall, I really loved the story. all of the other novellas I've been reading lately - I want more info. There was so much room for a ton of character development, the scene at the mall could have been greatly expanded, etc. There was just so much more story that could have been told, that should have been told. I just think that the writer is selling herself short by not making these stories longer. BP is a good writer, she knows how to write a hot scene and characters we care why not go full length with that.

And now for the things that make me go "hmmmmmmm". Ok, so you're Kate....and you just go to this guy's house and have sex with him? You've never met him! He's not the guy from the hook-up site, but you do him anyway?!? And where are the condoms? For real. I know it's a STORY - but come on, people.....I will only suspend so much disbelief and I don't for a minute thing that any sane person will show up to a stranger's house and have unprotected sex. Geez. And on top of that - you let said stranger stick a candy cane up your hoo-ha? OMG. Nothing screams raging yeast infection like sticking candy up in your lady-parts. But I guess if you've already rode him bareback, I'm guessing yeast infection isn't high on your list either.

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