Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Take Your Pleasure

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good Lord, the hotness of this book.

Lincoln Masters and Natalie Beaumonde.....boss and employee. Natalie has been a little "off" lately, seeing as how she just caught her jackass boyfriend of two years with another woman. Lincoln is a stickler of a boss - and doesn't like mistakes. And up until this week, Natalie had never made any. When he calls her into his office, she is sure she is about to be fired. Instead, he offers her a choice - take a spanking or report (in detail) what has happened to cause her mistakes. She chooses the spanking and the hotness just goes up from there.

As the relationship progresses, Natalie eventually tells Lincoln what happened between her and her asshole BF, Van. (Natalie caught Van with a leather clad dominatrix......double-teaming it with some toys of the rubber cock variety. They boyfriend tried to say it wasn't cheating. I would love to have heard a more graphic explanation from Van as to how this wasn't cheating. "No baby, it wasn't a human dick in my ass. It was rubber. It ain't cheating if it's a rubber dick." Um, that's not in the book....that's just in my head. Anyway...)

After Nat tells Lincoln the deal with Van - Lincoln offers to help Natalie dominate Van in the way he wants and possibly help them get back on track. OK - for a hot minute there, I did not like where this was going. I was all......Lincoln, you asshat, YOU want Natalie. Why the hell do you want her back with her artsy-fartsy douche of an ex? I seriously considered not finishing this book because I was so convinced that I was going to be pissed off. BUT, it came highly recommended to I didn't give up. I new my GR friends wouldn't recommend a book that had a bullshit ending. :) So I kept on trucking. And thank goodness I did. Besides the whole scene between Natalie, Van, and Lincoln being awesome ("Suck my dick, boy." I'm paraphrasing, but whatevs....), it was actually nice to see Lincoln step outside of himself and think only about Natalie. And then it was nice to see Van man up and think only about Natalie. THEN, it was nice to see Natalie stop rolling over and playing dead with her wants and needs and lay it all out on the line for Lincoln. And the memo she gives him is priceless.

Because I'm selfish, I always want more story, more background, more character development....everything. This book was no different. BUT, the characters seemed to be more defined than in other books of similar length, so at the end of the day....I was kind of OK with the shortness of the story. I wouldn't hate it if there were more to the book.....but at the end, I wasn't pulling my hair out, dying for more. I was satisfied. (I think it was the memo that did it. It made me LOL.)

Gah. Easy 5 stars here.

(And finally - an erotic story that knows what a condom is!!!)

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