Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Long Time Coming

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to get this off my chest first - WTF??? NO EPILOGUE???

Ok. Now I feel better.

So - I fucking loved this book with every fiber of my being. And I'm pretty sure, ok, so I'm totally positive, that Leo Carson has completely ruined me for actual guys. He's perfect. Not so perfect as to be unrealistic, I mean, his tears don't cure cancer or anything. But if I were to write a list of what I wanted in a guy....after having read this book....I would just need to write "Leo Carson from the book Long Time Coming."

Piper and Leo randomly meet at a bar and exchange numbers. Piper, having just gotten out of a relationship with the #1 Douchbag ever - and THEN having slept with the best friend of her brother who shouted that he was in love with her as he was climaxing - well, let's just say that Piper wasn't exactly looking for Mr. Right. But she was looking for Mr. Right Now. And if Leo called - she would have no problem letting him be Mr. No-Strings-Attached-Hot-Monkey-Sex guy. And Leo called. And they hooked up - and proceeded to have a one night stand that lasted for 36 hours. (FYI - The sex in the book might have just been some of the hottest scenes I have read. Ever. And yea - go look at the stuff I read.....that's saying a lot!)

So, Mr. Leo Perfect Guy says and does all the right things. He treats Piper well - which she obviously isn't used to. And because of her own insecurities and need to not be vulnerable, she almost fucks it up. For most of the book, I wanted to smack Piper Holt repeatedly. I wanted to scream at her to wake up and take what this man is offering you! Stop being a dumb ass. Then started thinking, no one is this dumb. No one is this blind to a man's affections. But you know what....I remembered a situation I was in years ago. I was sorta dating this guy that really liked me.....I let my insecurities kill the it. I did everything in my power to push that man away. I pushed him away before he had the chance to push me away. I was stupid. I was Piper Holt. (Without the 36 hour hot monkey sex session, unfortunately.) After remembering my own personal situation, I stopped wanted to smack Piper - but instead was screaming at her to FIX THIS!! It's not too late, girl!! It was too late for me to fix my stupid, but it's not too late for you!!!

Ok. Well. I didn't mean to get all personal there, but yea, I related to Piper more than I care to admit to. Her inner dialogue was so well written and so real - I wanted to smack her and hug her all at once.

And Leo. sigh There are no words. If this character is based on a real person....I need his phone number. And a passport. And an airline ticket to England. RIGHT NOW. I need to find this man.

Edit:  Itty bitty bit of an epilogue to this story is found in By The Book.  Squeeee!  (My review for that one is coming soon!)


  1. I loved Leo Too!! Dirty, sexy irishman!

  2. I want to marry Leo and have his dirty, sexy little half-Irish babies.