Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Inked

InkedInked by Everly Drummond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Super short little gem of a book. This is one of those that I would love to give 5 stars to, but it just wasn't long enough. I wanted more story.

The story starts out with Avery getting a tattoo by Brody, the super hot tattoo artist. (And really, is there ANYTHING hotter than a tattooed guy? The answer is no, no there isn't.) So, yea....Avery is getting this tattoo and is getting seriously turned on by the hotness that is her tattooer. And Brody is attracted to her, too. (Naturally)

Brody finishes up the tattoo and Avery leaves, though both are wanting to do or say something.....acknowledge the attraction, etc. But neither does. As soon as Avery drives off, though, Brody decides that he HAS to see her again. He grabs the waiver she signed (that has her address on it) and closes up shop and heads out to find her.

And you know where this is going. Brody shows up at her place, they have awkward small talk and Brody almost leaves, but Avery has the balls to grab him and kiss him. And they end up having crazy hot monkey sex. And it ends there. What the what???? This is why I can't give it 5 stars. Too.Damn.Short.

Overall, the book is well written and I loved the storyline, but there needed to be more. This soooo deserved to be a fully fleshed out novel and not just a short story that could be read in 25 minutes. The characters were as developed as they could be in a story this size, but I wanted to know more. (I always do!)

I'm looking forward to more work by this author, but please....make it longer!  (Size does matter. Tee hee.)

*E-book provided by the author.

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