Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: In The Dark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taking place in 1351 - the plague has just swept through England, killing or displacing almost everyone, including Katherine's entire family. Katherine - who has been forced to hide away her entire life because of the "devil's mark" on her face. She lives in a secret tower in the castle and gets around using hidden passageways. She and two of the servants in her father's castle were the only lives spared.

Shortly after, Calen the Black, arrives at the castle. It has been given to him by King Edward. (Because they think the castle is empty, except for the remaining servants. No one knows of Katherine's existence.) Calen and his men immediately starts cleaning out the castle and burning all of its contents. Katherine silently watches from her tower, as Calen burns all memories of her family. As the days go on, Katherine's fascination with Calen continues to grow. She wants to know more about this man. So one night, she visits his room - using her secret passageways. The have a night of passion - in the dark, so Calen can't see her disfigured face, and Katherine is gone before Calen wakes up the next morning. Calen feels that it's a dream, except he has some of her red hair tangled in his hand.

This happens several more times - and each time, Katherine makes her escape before Calen wakes. Finally, knowing that Calen has fallen for her, Katherine decides to leave the castle before Calen tears it apart looking for her. As she's making her escape, she is caught by some of Calen's men. They threaten to rape her and then burn her at the stake for her "devil's mark" on her face.....but before they have a chance, Calen comes in and demands the prisoner be released. Katherine is crying and doesn't want Calen to see her in daylight - because of her hideous scar. As soon as he sees her face and hears her speak....he knows that it's his beloved Katherine. And, of course, he could care less about the scar. He finds her beautiful anyway, and he begs her to stay with him as his mate.

OK - so, what the fuck is up with every single piece of erotica that I read being so damn short! This novella was just BEGGING to be a full length novel! Good Lord. It was sooooo good, but damnit, it was too short. There was enough character development to make you love the characters, but there could have been so much more. I wanted a back story. I wanted an epilogue. I wanted more hot 1300's sex. I wanted to know more about the mark on Katherine's face. Was she truly disfigured or was it just a birthmark? Geez. What was Calen's life like before he arrived at Warg Castle?

I really loved this story - but I can't give it 5 stars because it SHOULD have been a full length novel. Not to make it so was just an injustice to the characters.

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