Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Talk To Me

Talk to MeTalk to Me by Cassandra Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story revolves around Jamie, the new producer for a NYC radio sports talk show, and Drew, a former professional hockey player and host of the sports talk show. Jamie is a new comer to New York - she’s gorgeous and perhaps a bit shy....and she has a fetish for great shoes! Drew is a hot hunk of a man....known as “the Beast”, and that moniker doesn’t necessarily refer to his behavior on the ice, either.

At first, Drew and Jamie keep their relationship completely professional. But they can’t fight the attraction they feel and eventually Jamie gives in. Drew catches her, um, alone....listening to a recording of his voice. Sexy!! And it makes Drew realize that maybe he underestimated his new coworker. Maybe she isn’t quite the blushing flower that she appears to be. And the hotness only goes up from there. There’s lots of sex....smoking hot sex. But with that comes confusion and miscommunication between the two of them. You see, both Jamie and Drew have a gotten hurt in the past. Jamie has a habit of making bad man choices and Drew has walled off his heart for fear of it getting broken again. But neither of them can deny that this relationship isn’t “just sex”....even though they both tell themselves that’s all it’s going to be.

*SIGH* I will always love a book that features a strong, yet tortured Alpha-male and a strong female who doesn’t put up with his bullshit. At the core of this story, there are two people who have both suffered due to previous relationships and both are scared of history repeating itself. And maybe, just maybe, this thing they have is real and can help them both heal up the scars that the past has left behind.

Part of me wants so badly to label Drew as a possessive asshole who is just using Jamie. But I can’t. Despite his douchebaggery, he’s really just scared. His saving grace is his constant inner-monologue that acknowledges his douchebaggy ways. He knows he’s being a dick and that he is handling his relationship with Jaime the wrong way....but he just couldn’t help himself. (Hey, at least he’s self-aware!) And yes, his actions kind of border on caveman at times....but, it’s kinda hot. Who doesn’t want a man that wants you so bad that he goes a little crazy? We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t want a man to fight and beg for us. It’s not like he’s clubbing Jamie over the head and dragging her back to his cave. Maybe he’s not perfect, but that’s what makes his character so real and ultimately, so lovable. And when Drew’s walls finally do come down, my insides melted. It was just delicious.

I loved absolutely everything about this book. The characters - the hot monkey sex - the ending - and most importantly....Drew turning out to be the man we hoped he was all along. *Swoon.....* This will be one of those go-to books that I’ll pick up and read bits and pieces of when I want to feel all melty and swoony. I’m pretty sure swoony isn’t a word....but you know what I mean.

And PS....just in case you didn’t know - hockey players are the hottest athletes. 

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  1. I completely agree - hockey players are the hottest athletes! I love your "douchebaggery" comment. Ha! I can't resist the caveman-type. Sounds like a great book.

    Diana @ Book of Secrets
    & The Forbidden Bookshelf