Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Better Than 8 Fantasy

Better Than 8 FantasyBetter Than 8 Fantasy by Erin Jamison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Man, oh man. If there was ever a concept for a book series that I was totally down for - it's Better Than 8. What is Better Than 8 you ask? Well, as you'll find out in this book, it's a dating website for women who like their *snicker* At first, I thought this story was going to be about guys with huge dicks and the women who want them. And, yea....I guess it kind of is. But what I didn't count on was the great story and the characters that have laid the foundation for this series.

This story focuses on Amara, the only single one in her group of girlfriends. One night at a party, one of her friends jokingly suggest that she sign up for this new dating website called Better Than 8. And she does....mostly as a joke. But when she is contacted by Seva, she starts to think that maybe there's something to this site after all. The two strike up a steamy online flirtation that continues for months, but then suddenly ends shortly after Amara send Seva her phone number. He never calls and the online flirtation comes to a screeching halt. Figuring that he's found someone else or she's been played for a fool, Amara goes about her life.

When Amara gets called away to Puerto Rico on business, who do you think she meets in a business meeting? That's right....Seva. And he's even more beautiful in person than the photos he sent her. I can't even imagine how hard it was for Amara to sit through a long ass meeting with a raging case of lady-wood. Later on that night, Amara and Seva end up at his beach house where they finally have more than instant message sex.

It isn't until the next morning that Amara discovers that Seva has a roommate. A hot male roommate name Naldo. And you can probably guess when I'm going with this, right? And in case you're was totally hot. I mean, what's hotter than one buff Latin man making your every sexual fantasy come true? The answer is TWO buff Latin men making your every sexual fantasy come true.

The sex in the book is super hot. But you know what I didn't realize? I didn't realize until I was going back over parts of the book for this review that there isn't really a ton of sex in the book. Remember, Amara doesn't actually meet Seva until much later. And after they meet, yea, there's a lot of sex. But before, it was just hot sexy emails and photos. Obviously it had to be very hot and sexy if I didn't notice that it wasn't actual vag-n-dick sexytimes. So, bonus points to the author for that!

As I said before, I love the concept of this series and the characters that are introduced. Amara's pack of girlfriends are going to be fun to watch....assuming they make it into the rest of the books. (I hope so!) And even if they don't, I'm quite excited to read more about the women (or men) who are turning to the Better Than 8 website to find love! (Good Lord, if only such a site existed. If only.....)

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