Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Take Your Pick

Take Your PickTake Your Pick by Jasmine Haynes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok. This just might be one of the dirtiest books I have ever read. Not that "dirty" is a bad thing. I'm just saying - this book isn't for the faint of heart. There is M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, and M/M. Yep - it coves it all. There's also oral, anal, and plain ole va-jay-jay sex. BUT! Thankfully.....there are also a lot of condoms. I love it when a dirty book uses condoms. It just makes it feel less dirty somehow. Like - "Hey, they may like their hot monkey sex upside down, up the butt, and back again - but at least they're safety conscious!"

The story revolves around Rena - a beautiful, powerful business executive. She's involved with Grant - a handsome, powerful business executive. Together, they have awesome, kinky, powerful business executive sex. And - they also happen to have an open relationship. That is, until one night when Grant decides that he wants to be exclusive. Although Rena is totally into Grant, she feels that she can't get everything she needs from him alone. She feels he withholds his passionate side from her. Although she is sexually satisfied with's missing something....wild, unrestrained passion. That something - well - Rena gets it from Karl. Karl is her hot contractor. And he is 100% pure passion. He'll grab her as she walks in her house and fuck her up against a wall, or on a countertop, or the floor.....whenever and wherever the mood strikes. He also loves to fuck her after she leaves Grant's bed. The smell of another man on her turns him on. (Yea, he's a dirty boy....!)

During Rena and Karl's hot monkey sex session.....Rena happens to mention that Grant wants to be exclusive. Meaning, she would have to give Karl up and neither one of them wants that to happen. Rena can't decide who she wants more (or rather - whose fucking she can do without). Karl suggests that she fuck both him and Grant - together - and decide then.

Grant agrees - somewhat reluctantly - and this is where the crazy stuff gets really crazy and really dirty.

I'm not about to go into detail about the crazy sexcapades that go down in this book. Instead, I'll just use a few key words: raunchy, menage, balls, licking, 69, and so on and so forth.

If you're looking for a sweet book where the characters make love to each other, this ain't that book. Oh sure, the characters care about each other and everything is consensual - but make no mistake about it - this book is about fucking. There's enough plot to move the characters from one orgasm to the next, but did I happen to mention that this book is all about the fucking? It's not about some pansy-ass plot points. It's about fucking. Hot monkey sex. Menage. Fucking.

Did I mention fucking?

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